Onboard Ease

Offboard Fatigue

Save Costs and Time

Genie-Onboard is a platform-agnostic digital onboarding solution that allows customers to digitally sign-up as banking customers through their own mobile devices at their own convenience.



Banks and their first interaction with their customer is
often the process of onboarding. The first impression
often tends to the set the course for what’s to follow.
 It’s time to do away with tedious manual onboarding

Increase the speed of onboarding
Remove long processes

Reduce staff fatigue


Product implementation depending on the database and platform used by the bank


    Verifies the identity of the
    customer instantaneously

    Scans the image of the
    customer’s ID to make sure it 
    matches with its ID template

 1. Increase Costumer Accounts

            Because of its ease of use, many costumers can sign up and open an account through this digital onboarding solution.

2. Saves the Customers’ and the Bank’s      Time


Customers no longer have to travel to a bank branch and go through numerous requirements just to become a banking customer.

3. Effective Use of Staff 


With the digitization of the bank’s onboarding solution, the staff can focus on other tasks and transactions.

4. Reduce Operational Costs


Operational costs are reduced due to the reduction of processing overheads, paperwork, and agent involvement.

Why Genie-Onboard?

Not everyone has the convenience of going to a bank branch just to open an account. But with Genie-Onboard, they can finally onboard themselves digitally using their own mobile devices. This helps reduce time on the onboarding process and it helps widen the reach of a bank across the market.