Deposit convenience, accuracy and peace of mind


Genie-Check is an easy to use remote check deposit solution that captures check details using the customer's mobile device. The digitization of check processing allows the user to deposit a check anytime and anywhere.

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1. Greater Accuracy


Genie-Check allows customers to verify data entry — providing greater peace of mind compared to dealing with ATM’s or bank tellers prone to human error.

2. Convenience of Transaction


Customers can transact anytime and anywhere without worrying about crowded branches and long queues.

3. Quicker Access to Funds


The customer is given quicker access to their funds due to the quick confirmation of Genie-Check Deposit.

4. Shorter Processing Time


Remote deposits have reduced timelines for processing of checks and are expeditiously confirmed via email.

Why Genie-Checks Deposit?

Not everyone has the convenience of going to a bank branch just to deposit a cheque. With Genie-Checks Deposit, customers can capture the cheque details on their own and deposit digitally. This shortens the processing time and improves operational efficiency.