Integrating Banking Solutions Into The Lives of Customers

In the digital transformative journey of banks, Bank-Genie, a Singapore-based technology solutions provider, has played a pivotal role in the commercial & retail banks as well as rural and micro-finance institutions of West Africa, East Africa, South East Asia, Central Asia and Russia.


Bank-Genie continues to build both an experience-focused approach and an inclusion driven purpose to develop better, accurate and thoughtful technology for banks to better connect with their customers meaningfully and improve both efficiencies and effectiveness.

Bank-Genie Pte Ltd is funded by SBI Ven Capital Pte Ltd and FMO, the Dutch Development Bank.​


We Believe

In a digital world, maintaining and nurturing human connections along with transformative experiences, are integral to the future of banking.

Our Vision

To be enablers of seamless change, transformers of human experiences and creators of digital environments for financial institutions across the world.

Advisory, Board Members and Management

Adil Nurgozhin.jpeg

Mr. Adil Nurgozhin


Alice Mok - Bank-Genie

Ms. Alice Mak

Board Member


Mr. Arno de Vette



Mr. Danny Galezer



Mr. Suramya Gupta

Board Member


Mr. Tony Ward


A passionate and inspirational leader with more than 4 decades in the Banking and Finance industry who has an extensive practical knowledge of both banking operations and banking technology internationally after having built a successful, global banking technology firm and consulting practice.

Founder - Bank-Genie

Mr. Ram Sharma

Chief Executive 0fficer & Founder

An innovative and creative entrepreneur by nature, having worked in both the banking and technology environments over 2 decades bringing together a thorough understanding of banking procedures and processes, software design and implementation, a pioneering spirit and a never-say-die attitude in all his endeavours.


Mr. Ragunandhan

Chief Technology Officer

Blazing talent in technology, a GUINESS RECORD holder in 2012, Young Scientist Award Winner for the year – 2005 and Best Innovator Award of the year - 2011-2012 bringing a forward looking perspective blending leading edge technology, innovation and design
excellence with practice and procedures required in banking.


Mr. Sumir Nagar

Chief Operating Officer

Strong and dedicated leader with a solid track record of managing large teams and vast experience and understanding of operations and implementation excellence after having worked in both large banks and technology firms over 25 years’ career span.

                At Bank-Genie, we are committed to being a digital transformation partner for financial services providers. We have deep expertise in technology, fintech and software development, coupled with domain expertise in banking. We design, develop and deploy cutting edge technology platforms that enable banks to offer superior customer experience.